This business and ministry began about 5 years ago. It was during a difficult time when I was quiestioning my health and spiritual life that a "ran into" someone that refered me to a christian resource on the internet. It was on this christian resource that i read "colloidal silver".
My first responce was "what is this doing on a christian website and what is it!" Then we began doing extensive research and concluded that this "mysterious mineral water" was worth a try. We created a colloidal/ionic silver generator and produced our first batch of what we know now was low quality colloidal/ionic silver.  However we were amazed at the effectiveness of even low quality colloidal/ionic silver. Eventually we learned of the many benefits of colloidal/ionic silver. We began sharing it with family and friends.

We also manufactured personal mobile colloidal/ionic silver generators that we also gave to family and friends for personal usage. Since then we have refined our processes and icreased our production to satisfy the need for a pure,ready to use,high quality colloidal/ionic silver. With this colloidal/ionic silver we have successfully rid ourselves of teeth infections, gum infections, colds,eye irritations,ear aches and many more ailments and we continue to find more uses for this amazing God given substance. We were put here for a reason,and i also believe you were led here for a reason. Jesus cares for you and so do we. Please let us know how we can help you; Chris and Yana