What you should know:

What kind of water do we use in production?

Our water is first filtered through the high quality Apec reverse osmosis system seen here:   
After the reverse osmosis system,the water enters a stainless steel distiller to get further purified seen here:
After the water is distilled it is pumped into the colloidal silver production vesel.

What type of materials do we use for production?

The production container we use is lead-free glass, NOT PLASTIC!
The only plastic used after the water is purified is the #2 HDPE plastic line used for pumping-thats it!! 
HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) is safe and does not leach any carcinegenic chemicals. 
The finished product gets pumped into lead-free glass containers to be ready for sale.
Say no to colloidal silver that is made using bad chemical leaching materials!

What type of pumps do we use?

The curculation pumps we use (as seen here) cost hundreds of dollars. They are micro,  medical grade pumps made with high grade stainless steel. For further assurance, these pumps are MOUNTED OUTSIDE the production vessel!

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